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SERPENTINE is an expressive and abstract mural design rich with areas of contrasting textures, brush stroke marks and lush deep colours which will add total wow factor and opulence to any room it finds its home in. Digitally printed in large scale to present a stunning giant piece of artwork ready to be pasted to your wall. Printed onto a subtle metallic shine paper to add that extra touch of glam to your interior.


    To order a sample of this design please click back to the ARTÉ Mural Collection page and scroll to the bottom.


    Serpentine Wall Mural is really easy to order and also apply to your walls. Measure the width of your wall in CMS and select the mural width size which is right for your wall in the drop down menu above. The mural arrives in pre-cut three metre high strips ready to paste to your wall from left to right. All you need to do is trim the drops according to the height of your wall before pasting up.


    Please make sure to enter your exact wall measurments in the 'WALL MEASUREMENTS' box, stating the height and width in CMS, so that we can double check your order.


    After purchasing your mural, you will receive instructions to help you hang your paper alongside a digital image to show what part of the design will be printed according to your measurements to make sure that you are happy with the layout.


    If you would like to order a mural larger than the maximum size options given, please get in touch.


    All wallpapers are printed to order and will take bewteen 2 - 4 weeks to be delivered. Wipe proof with a slightly damp cloth to clean. Easy to remove without use of steamer. 


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